Stereotypes Pt.2

Hyper sexualization of the Black woman was first introduced from Europeans first viewing of African women. Their whole culture was misunderstood as sexual, lustful, and uncultured. This was interpreted through dances, outfits that were worn, and the practices of polygamy. Because of this, African women were viewed as an objectified thing and have been hyper-sexualized ever since. White men did not think that slaves could be raped and thought that most African women were overly sexual.

A stereotype that can be used as an example is the stereotype known as the Jezebel. The Jezebel was a stereotype pinned on Black women in the 19th century. The Jezebel depicted Black women as naturally sexual, lustful, lewd, promiscuous human beings.

This is a stereotype that was used to break us down. It didn’t and it won’t.



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