Support of Black Women

It is always important to acknowledge how the Black woman is empowered. Starting the conversation to acknowledge problems is beautiful, but it is nice to recognize when Black women are being supported. Organizations like Delta Sigma Theta, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the Black Career Women’s Network, etc. provide Black women with a space to improve and be celebrated. These organizations mentor women, do community service, award scholarships to students, create debutante programs, etc. People benefit from these organizations and Black women are represented as ladies when they become a part of them.This is why organizations that empower Black women are important.

Representation is EVERYTHING. Considering there was a time when Black women weren’t allowed in certain clubs, it’s beautiful that people had the courage to start clubs for a social group that tends to be forgotten. To also create an organization to see women succeed is hard but also revolutionary.

Too many times the Black woman can be seen as too much or overbearing because we are different from other social groups. Living in a society where your features or personality is constantly scrutinized or stereotyped is annoying and a lot to handle. So, organizations like the National Coalition of 100 Black Women are helpful to Black women because not only will they be accepted, but they will benefit from the organization. I’m grateful for organizations that are built around Black women because it lets us know that we aren’t alone. It is touching to recognize how beautiful it is to be unique.



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