Serena Williams was walking through the hospital hall after giving birth and realized she had a hard time breathing (Vox). Crystle Galloway was found in her bathtub unresponsive six days after giving birth (Tampa Bay Times). Kira Johnson gave birth to her second son and not too long after, her husband noticed she was having... Continue Reading →


Stereotypes Pt.2

Hyper sexualization of the Black woman was first introduced from Europeans first viewing of African women. Their whole culture was misunderstood as sexual, lustful, and uncultured. This was interpreted through dances, outfits that were worn, and the practices of polygamy. Because of this, African women were viewed as an objectified thing and have been hyper-sexualized... Continue Reading →

Stereotypes Pt.1

The Tragic Mulatto is a stereotype that ages back to the 19th century. It focuses on women that were mixed (half black half white). It depicted the women as sexually attractive and obsessed with living life as a White person.  The stereotype suggest that the mixed race person would have a hard time identifying themselves... Continue Reading →


We raise our women to be kind. We teach them to have a smile on their face and burst with personality, but to also hold back. Profanity is only spoken in silence and opinions become a foreign language. Mean mugs are unacceptable, they create wrinkles in your face. We explain that a pretty face is... Continue Reading →

Support of Black Women

It is always important to acknowledge how the Black woman is empowered. Starting the conversation to acknowledge problems is beautiful, but it is nice to recognize when Black women are being supported. Organizations like Delta Sigma Theta, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the Black Career Women's Network, etc. provide Black women with a... Continue Reading →


"You have to go above and beyond while representing the people who look like you" - Denise Ssettimba Denise Ssettimba comes from a Ugandan home and has navigated what it means to be a Ugandan woman while living in American society. I interviewed her to understand how her Black Woman Experience in America has molded... Continue Reading →


"Embracing our hair as African American women allows us to reclaim some of the power that society has tried to take away from women since the beginning of time" - Amyre Brandom  Hair grows on people of all races, but not all hair is accepted in society. In the last decade, Black women have taken... Continue Reading →


"You are a Black woman. You have two strikes against you at birth. One you are Black. Two you are a woman. You will not get respected because of this. You will be created lower because of this" - Mommi ❤ My mother told me at age seven that I am a minority, not because this... Continue Reading →

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